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Päivitetty: 13. jouluk. 2021

This is a premiere! For the first time, Herakles will organize a TEAM COMPETITION. We will lift with 4 lifters per team and are now looking for a club or team who wants to lift against us on Friday the 21.1.2022! We want this to be a fun and relaxed competition, and want to spend time with the other team after the competition - a post-competition dinner will be organized! This is also meant to be a social event to meet fellow lifters. Sign up via suomisport-link in bio!

More info on the competition: every team consists of 4 lifters we will lift in rounds of 2+2 lifters we use the sinclair point system, the women’s points will be multiplied by 1,44 - that means there are no fixed numbers of women and men per team, it can be 2-2, 3-1, 4-0 (but ofc it’s more fun if it’s mixed!) the winning team will receive a price the participation fee per lifter is 10€ - this is used for the rent of the facility, the price and other administrative costs around the competition.

This is a first test competition - if our concept works and more teams would be interested we want to start a league, to lift regularly against/with other clubs. Lifting together is more fun than lifting alone! If you can’t make it this time but would be interested in future competitions, or want to organize a team competition yourself please reach out via PM or email

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